Quick start instructions will go here:

These instructions will help you start using the portal right away. For more details, please refer to the User Manual here. Clicking the Home icon above will bring you to this page. For best performance, we recommend using Fire Fox or Chrome browsers.


1. Select data layers: In left pane, select any water quality data layer under "Data Layers" by clicking the box next to it, e.g., Chemistry.

2. Data criteria: In the Define Search Criteria box that opens, click Go. All sites for the selected layer will appear on the map.

3. Labels: Move your mouse over any site icon to see its Station ID and name.

4. View data for single site: To view data or charts for a single site, click a site icon to open its conversation bubble, and then click View Reports and Charts.

5. Select reports: Select report or chart tabs from the choices that appear (blue highlight) in the top of the right pane. For charts, you must select the desired values from the drop down menus.

6. View data for all sites: To view data or charts for all sites shown on the map, first choose the feature from the Select Layer drop down box below the map. Then click Item Report to the right and select the report or chart option from the right pane.

7. Find a site: Click the Preview link to see the list of all sites displayed on the map. Click any icon in this list to open its conversation bubble for links to reports and charts for that site.


To refresh the map, click the second tool bar button in the box above the map.